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four. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/10/four happy birthday to layla.

she's four today.

four is my fav.

four is sweet and inquisitive and wants to be your best friend and never stops talking and has fewer meltdowns than three. 

four is so fun. so have fun, layla bean.

laylais4laylais4 layla4blurrylayla4blurry 4layla44layla4

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meeting oskar. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/10/meeting-oskar oscarbluebwoscarbluebw soskbwcomsoskbwcom o2bwrbo2bwrb o5bwbo5bwb o1bwbo1bwb sofiaoskarbwsofiaoskarbw o3bwbo3bwb jsojso o7bwbo7bwb o8bwbo8bwb jso5bwjso5bw

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20 days of crazy. the good crazy. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/10/20-days-of-crazy-the-good-crazy a tradition we wouldn't even give up during hell week.

a twelve year old.

a brand new nephew.

a trip to denver to meet him.

a middle schooler.

an ironman. an ironfamily. a really big ironfamily.

it was 20 days of never-been-more-crazy-than-this, fingers-crossed celebrations.

and it was awesome(r). kidsIT2bwkidsIT2bw hdg6bwhdg6bw hc5hc5 hbdayphotobombhbdayphotobomb hbday12hbday12 all4vall4v jobasesmilebw2jobasesmilebw2 IMG_8997IMG_8997 andybike2andybike2 team awesomerteam awesomer 1176339_10201586135991155_537116606_n1176339_10201586135991155_537116606_n


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it's time. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/8/its-time-hayden-is-12 h122


it's time. it's actually been time for a little while now.

time for him to be that big kid i was always a little afraid of him being.

the years speed by. like they're in fast forward.

i sometimes jokingly yell "stop growing!" (or, not jokingly)

he laughs. we both know i'll be buying new jeans in three months. 

all that time spent worrying about him just growing up.

i had no idea that watching him turn into his older self would be so totally worth it.

so, we're here. it's time. he's 12. middle school, etc. 

we're ready. for real. i think.





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avery. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/8/avery afav a2 ar4 dress ar5 ar9 a3wh avery16 averyrun 3 aboys1vinbw al la2s la1w p23 milo2bw boys1 dress2

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barrier beach. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/8/barrier-beach barrierbeach m1bwww cabw cb7bw

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cave point. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/8/cave-point cp5words cp10 cp6 criley2 criley ladybug cp7

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all about this. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/7/all-about-this b1bwdate b4bw

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ermagherd. tara is 40. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/5/ermerherd-tara-is-40 happy birthday, tara!  it's a big one.

a perfect reason to celebrate the you we all know and love.

you have an optimistic spirit that is infectious. truly. 

you are genuinely grateful for everyone and everything. and you are genuine about everything.

you set your goals really high. you work really hard. you accomplish them with the biggest smile upon your face.

you're super passionate about the people, places & music in your life. and trampled by turtles.

you do that thing with your tongue whenever you have your picture taken. it makes me smile every time. 

you say a lot of words. they're funny and supportive and positive and loving and rambling. 

sometimes you are buddy the elf. we love that about you.

you share yourself tirelessly. and we're so grateful.

love you, friend. happy 40th.




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we all wait. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/3/we-all-wait we all wait for something. everyday. 

big stuff. little stuff. really big stuff. really little stuff. waiting. waiting.

so amazing to see the people you love pull together and wait for something really big

with patience and grace and strength and love.

this is the story of us and how we came together from very far apart to celebrate today

instead of worrying about waiting for tomorrow.



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10,137. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/3/10-137 miles. to make this happen.

so they could wake her up from her nap.  and she could take their picture with her iphone.

and have most of them in one spot, together. 

(i'm probably grounded for life for posting these, but they're some of my favs.)

momkids momkids3 momkids2


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this. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/3/this this picture, with them. 



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oh my sofia. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/3/oh-my-sofia shairbw sofia sbluebw sbw srefl

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bella. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/3/bella dear bella, rocking you every night was way more fun than sleeping anyway. xo

bellabw2 bbw strengthbw bella2bw sb2c sb3bw

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it's a deal. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/2/its-a-deal this wedding is proof that all you need is love. 

love, and a court commissioner on his lunch break on valentine's day at the capital.

and seven minutes of sweetness and emotion. and your family standing beside you.

i was so completely honored to be a part of this day. for sure, one of my most favorite shoots.


dj4bw cap2bw dj8 boys2bw dboys c1 c4bw c6bw sumsitupbw c13bw c16bw c21bw ac3

ac2bw ac4bw ac5bw ac11bw ac13 o3 o4 o12bw o13 r5bw r7bw

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tenney park. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/2/tenney-park easily my favorite images from this winter. (taken once i was brave enough to manage the camera and them and the ice)

also, our favorite new way to embrace enjoy the cold.

i'll never forget how i realized as we were stepping onto the ice for the first time

that neither of them had ever been skating before. that was something.

there were two of them and one of me. and lots of spills. and lots of laughing. (and only a little whining.)

and lots of requests to go back. 

cskate1 cskate6 cskate5 cskate4 cskate3 kids skate hskatebestc

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the more things change, the more they stay the same. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/1/the-more-things-change-the-more-they-stay-the-same this post could also be titled "why i didn't freak out when i turned 40". 

if getting older means growing old with these people, then i'm all in. and it's all good.

i'm where i want to be. and with the people that i love. 

i am grateful every day that i can say that.

this post is not entirely about how they surprised me over and over and over one day.

(though there are a million pictures that could tell that story, they're possibly too blurry to post. hmmm. weird.)

it's about love and friendship and time flying by.

it's about growing up and growing families and changing directions and staying close.

it's about how so much has changed, but how much has really always stayed the same. 

love you guys. thanks for the best birthday ever.

these pictures are priceless to me. even the really dark and grainy ones.

mygirls3cr photo mygirlslom surpriseb



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fresh start. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/1/fresh-start  

there. now i feel caught up. 

2012 ended in a chaotic, remarkably wonderful blur.  2013 started the same way. 

i love when life settles down and the focus changes from looking back to looking ahead.

reorganizing. de-cluttering. starting fresh.

new goals, new challenges, new calendar pages to fill.

we have a big year ahead of us. and a lot of support behind us.

time to get started. claughchickens cjanredo

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rowan & merrick. http://candidbytracy.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/1/rowan-merrick f4bw

f2 f13bw f12 m3 m12 rowan fav jr mr5bw

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